Squaw Valley Issues Statement

Squaw Valley has officially responded to the news regarding the safety of the drinking water at one of its facilities.


In November, it was reported that E.coli and coliform bacteria were found in drinking water at the resort’s upper mountain. The presence of the bacteria was discovered as a result of routine testing. This contaminated drinking water did not cause any health issues with the resort’s guests.


It is thought that the water system at High Camp and Gold Coast was contaminated after extremely high levels of rain fell in October. This system had recently been upgraded and was just installed over the summer. The heavy rains likely overwhelmed the system, which is used to more moderate precipitation over an extended period of time. The resort states that “the issue was limited to that system, and none of our other water systems were affected. At no point was contaminated water available to the public.”


The resort has taken numerous steps to remedy the situation. Squaw Valley has worked in cooperation with the Placer County Environmental Health department, the Squaw Valley Public Service District, and other water safety experts.


The statement reads, “We will not return to our regular water usage at High Camp or Gold Coast until we are fully assured by health officials and other experts that the water is safe . . . our guests at High Camp and Gold Coast will have normal and full access to our facilities, including free bottled water for drinking.”


Restaurants at the upper mountain have been closed for the time being, but skiing has not been affected by this issue.