The Beauty Crusher AKA Lime Crime

Everyone Dreams of making the Next Big Thing and for Doe Deere founder and creator of the beauty brand Lime Crime she did just that. Lime Crime’s mission is to “revolutionize makeup” and many may say that for the short time that it’s been on the scene that mission has been accomplished.


Lime Crime is one of the first digitally-native beauty brands and it has become quite the favorite in the makeup world. As a user of makeup myself when shopping for new selections I look for every color. Its unusual to find a brand that has produced different colors to choose from. Sometimes a company produces a lipstick line and have so many different shades of the same color but with Lime Crime you won’t see the same color twice! Not only does Lime Crime make lipsticks but it also makes Lip Gloss, Eye Shadows and Eye Shadow Primers which is everything you need in one place.


I have used Lime Crime personally and some characteristics of their products just stands out! As soon as you open the product this delicious smell erupts from the package which is close to Vanilla and some fruity type of candy. If I do my makeup it usually means that I’m about to make an appearance somewhere. I went out early in the evening and my Lime Crime choice of product for that night stayed on the whole time! I don’t know about you but that rings positive bells in my ear. I mostly buy their lipstick and I can honestly say unlike some products the Lime Crime Lipsticks apply so smoothly without cracking like usual matte products. The Lipsticks are also so opaque that I only applied two layers which says a lot about matte lipsticks. The lipsticks also did not seem to dry my lips out either which I am happy about.


Lime Crime was one of the first Big Companies that I invested into. Usually when I see a product that is priced about 10 dollars I look the other way but something told me to try the product out one day and I have never looked back. Lime Crime is truly one of the best companies I have ever used and I hope they continue to Crush the Beauty Industry with their Colorful Surprises! I am happy that the founder of Lime Crime has blessed us with her wonderful creations. ROCK ON DOE DEERE!


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