Norman Pattiz: American Broadcasting Tycoon

Have you ever heard of the wonderful and extraordinary Norman Pattiz from California? Born in 1943, he is an American Broadcasting Businessman from Beverly Hills, California.

Pattiz is known to be the founder of famous Westwood One which is a radio broadcasting company. Currently, Pattiz is the Executive Chairman of Podcast One and he released results of the network’s Brand Lift Studies which was conducted by Edison Research using various consumer brands and products from different companies. This incredible research shows huge continuous increases in product perception, awareness and the will to keep on buying no matter how much a product cost.

Way over 60% of listeners mentioned a specific grocery brand after having various campaigns. Over one-third of people had a quick favorable opinion of an automobile after-market product. Even awareness for a regular restaurant had increased by an impressive 76%.

Now on to Norman Pattiz, the 73 year-old originally had founded Westwood One, a radio broadcasting company which started all the way back in 1976. He would always make sure the company was on the right track to make sure it continues to grow and have more listeners to support them. As time passed by, it would impressively and quickly become one of America’s biggest radio networks and as well as the world’s leading media and advertising company.

People would listen to their content as it became more known throughout the radio world. Pattiz soon married Mary Turner, an amazing former radio personality and chairman of the board of the Betty Ford Center. Pattiz was impressed with her manners and the way she handled and demonstrated her job lifestyle. He saw a hard-working woman was needed to be at his side so he knew Mary Turner was the correct person to become his life partner.

Around 2001, Pattiz joined the board of regents at the University of California. He would use his skills and expertise to influence certain products or campaign events towards each of the schools in the University of California system. He knew that college students are the future inventors, philanthropists, scientists and doctors so they have to be properly guided on the right path to success.

All his hard work and passion helped him to get inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. People saw his accomplishments and influence on society through the use of radio broadcasting. The Library of American Broadcasting was so impressed that they awarded him the ultimate Giants of Broadcasting Award, sealing his legacy in the radio industry. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

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