Investing In Healthcare Made Simple With Jim Tananbaum

Healthcare, for the next 20 years at least, is going to be a prime investment area. The world’s population is aging, and in the United States, a disproportionate amount of people are heading into older years when healthcare needs, at least in some cases, are becoming more acute. Some people are having their first foray into dealing with more pronounced healthcare needs. Jim Tananbaum, founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, realized that this trend was undoubtedly coming to pass, so he started his firm with a focus on emerging leaders in healthcare. In the next two decades this is likely going to be the sector where the most growth, and where the future leaders of the Dow, will come from. This industry is going to be ripe for great achievements on the part of companies that have positioned themselves to be able to provide answers to our growing healthcare needs.

Mr. Tananbaum is no stranger to the healthcare sector. He was previously a founding partner of Prospect Venture Partners II and III, in addition to being involved in other ventures with firms that involved what are now major players in healthcare. Having had all of this experience and success in healthcare, it was likely a fortuitous move. When asked what precipitated his interest in developing a capital firm focused on healthcare, he readily sites his resume filled with progress in this sector. He is now invested in over 75 healthcare companies ranging from biopharmaceuticals, other medical services and the very-promising genome sequencing.

Many healthcare deals have been recognized in recent years and the entire sector continues to gain strength. Jim Tananbaum is positioned to take full-advantage of this area of investing that he is all-too-familiar with. If everything in real estate is location, then every single investment in the market is based on timing. That said, Mr. Tananbaum is likely a source of sorts, mired in the most pragmatic sector, positioned so as to show investors exactly where the smart money is going. Following and investing with someone who is in this sector, and who is so knowledgeable about motions in this area, is a good person to focus on as disproportionate expansion is all but a given.

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