EOS Takes Over Lip Balms for Good

When EOS lip balm first emerged on the lip balm scene, it was a new concept that seemed neat, but everyone wondered if it would last. The lip balm market for personal care products for lips was untapped until that point. Some companies had made a bit of a dent, but nobody had really made any changes in years. Chapstick led the game. EOS changed that completely.

Other companies had made some progress. The question for EOS was how making the change permanent and dominate the category. They did this by marketing the product lines carefully through several ways. The first was to release it to the right people to make the line famous. Making it the new “thing,’ was the thing to accomplish. The question was how to accomplish it.

They did it through celebrities. It’s the oldest ploy in the industry. Release products to celebrities and make it the thing to have. It worked like gang-busters. People loved the product line and the celebrities wanted them as well. The company had created a brand new industry for lip balm products, made it popular, and maintained that popularity in no less than two years.

Then, they branched out. They created new flavors of products and packed them so they would sell just as much, if not more, than the original line of lip balms. It was highly effective. Collectors everywhere couldn’t get enough of the stuff. They bought it to use. They bought it from Target and Costco to save money by getting two or three at a reduced price. They also just bought them to show off as collectors.

The success of EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) has become a unique example of how to create a market competitor that maintains as the leader in any industry today. The only question now is: what will they take over next?

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