Whitney Wolfe Reigns As Dating App Queen

For a long time there have been various dating app kings of the dating app industry. Many of the early websites like eHarmony and Match would be the first of the apps that would become popular for dating. These companies were already around in the form of website before apps became a concept. It was obvious that these would be companies that would grow in popularity because singles were already familiar with these websites.

As time went on the app world change the dating industry, and more people would use apps to expedite the time it took to meet someone. As the app world expanded for singles, a bold change will take place with Whitney Wolfe as a rising dating app Queen. She would dethrone the kings of the dating app industry with her Bumble app. There would be a lot of praise from women for what Whitney Wolfe was doing, but this was no surprise. What would really surprise people is that were as pleased as they are with an app that Whitney Wolfe has dubbed a feminist dating app.

The thing that men appreciate about this app is that it relieves the pressure that was previously part of making the first move. Women that use Bumble have the ball in their court. They are going to be the ones that have to make the first move and initiate some type of conversation if a man sends a message. Men are tired of being in the role of leading a conversation are glad that there’s an app that gives women the chance to do this.

Millions of people have signed up for Bumble, and this crowd is continuing to grow. It is the app that people are talking about because it looks and feels different than other dating apps.

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