The Art of Man and Technology: Arthur Becker

Technology is taking over everything. What we see, what we touch and what we know is fully connected to technological advances that have influenced the world in one way or another. In its historical march, humanity is linked directly, though not always visibly, with artifacts, invented and built by itself. Technology modifies the social and political landscape, affects the economy and organizational structures, disturbs and modifies cultures. It also creates diversity in the contexts of information and communication; it has invented and perfected in function of the own life of man.

Arthur Becker has been CEO of the company named, Zinio LLC. He also was CEO of the company NaviSite Inc., helping it grow to expand globally to Europe, India, and all over the US. Starting in 2000, Arthur Becker is also one of the co-founders of a company that grew by his business choices. He was an Advisor for the fashion industry for seven years, taking part in the Vera Wang enterprises. Before Navisite was sold to Time Warner, he was also a private investor in the fields of technology and real estate.

With an endless number of investments and scattered venues, Mr. Becker considers that passion is the key to an entrepreneurial mindset. When bringing ideas to life, he combines what he likes with what he wants to see change or evolve. In a recent feature by The Real Deal, focused on bringing real state close to the society and staring with investments in New York City, he expects to make intelligent real state choices and smart design, to help bring people together what he considers to be the most important part of our communities today: technology.

With no intention of stopping for slowing down, Arthur Becker will surely continue to impact the world with his technological venues and firm ideas when setting a business. With still a lot of land to conquer, he will continue to pursue the expansion of technology around the globe and focus his vision on what will come to eventually be the key to yet another successful business choice.

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