The Life And Achievements Of Husain Sajwani

DAMAC Properties gives an apartment buyer a complimentary Lamborghini or BMW once in a while. Other times, the reputable real estate development firm throws in some Jet skis when one buys an apartment from them. DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani, and the management of the company amaze many because of their luxurious apartments and eye-catching marketing stunts. DAMAC is ranked among the top real estate companies in the Middle East and is one of the companies that gave Dubai its beautiful look. Overall, the remarkable growth of DAMAC is attributable to the vision and entrepreneurial skills of the Founder, Hussain Sajwani.


Husain Sajwani is a classic example of a man who rose from obscurity to become an acclaimed entrepreneur. He was born in 1956 to a middle-class family in Dubai. From his earliest sources available online, Sajwani developed an interest in entrepreneurship during his formative years and has continued with the spirit to date. After graduating, Sajwani served as a Contracts Manager for GASCO, a sub-branch of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Later on, Sajwani decided to create his first business and registered his catering firm in 1982.


Sajwani’s catering venture grew to be a global powerhouse and is currently a multinational firm managing numerous projects in different countries. The catering enterprise expanded rapidly and started offering more services including camp management, maintenance services, and trained workforce supply. In 2002, Sajwani started DAMAC Properties taking advantage of a new policy in Dubai that allowed immigrants to own assets. Since then, Sajwani has helped transform Dubai into a glitzy destination.


Sajwani’s proficiency and expertise have turned DAMAC into a property development giant. Recently, DAMAC worked together with The Trump Organization to establish two reputable Trump-branded golf courses. One of the golf courses at Akoya was opened in February 2017 while the other will hopefully be launched in 2018. In a press conference, Trump celebrated Hussain for his impact in the real estate development field and confirmed their strong business relationship.


Sajwani serves on the Board of companies like JUNO Online and Emirates Takaful Company. Besides Hussain Sajwani family is renowned for philanthropic endeavors and has made generous donations to help the needy around the world.


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Norman Pattiz: American Broadcasting Tycoon

Have you ever heard of the wonderful and extraordinary Norman Pattiz from California? Born in 1943, he is an American Broadcasting Businessman from Beverly Hills, California.

Pattiz is known to be the founder of famous Westwood One which is a radio broadcasting company. Currently, Pattiz is the Executive Chairman of Podcast One and he released results of the network’s Brand Lift Studies which was conducted by Edison Research using various consumer brands and products from different companies. This incredible research shows huge continuous increases in product perception, awareness and the will to keep on buying no matter how much a product cost.

Way over 60% of listeners mentioned a specific grocery brand after having various campaigns. Over one-third of people had a quick favorable opinion of an automobile after-market product. Even awareness for a regular restaurant had increased by an impressive 76%.

Now on to Norman Pattiz, the 73 year-old originally had founded Westwood One, a radio broadcasting company which started all the way back in 1976. He would always make sure the company was on the right track to make sure it continues to grow and have more listeners to support them. As time passed by, it would impressively and quickly become one of America’s biggest radio networks and as well as the world’s leading media and advertising company.

People would listen to their content as it became more known throughout the radio world. Pattiz soon married Mary Turner, an amazing former radio personality and chairman of the board of the Betty Ford Center. Pattiz was impressed with her manners and the way she handled and demonstrated her job lifestyle. He saw a hard-working woman was needed to be at his side so he knew Mary Turner was the correct person to become his life partner.

Around 2001, Pattiz joined the board of regents at the University of California. He would use his skills and expertise to influence certain products or campaign events towards each of the schools in the University of California system. He knew that college students are the future inventors, philanthropists, scientists and doctors so they have to be properly guided on the right path to success.

All his hard work and passion helped him to get inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. People saw his accomplishments and influence on society through the use of radio broadcasting. The Library of American Broadcasting was so impressed that they awarded him the ultimate Giants of Broadcasting Award, sealing his legacy in the radio industry. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

Why Has Securus Technologies Been Proven To Be a Great Form of Communications For Users? Reading Further Should Help You To Find Out Why

Securus Technologies isn’t simply a form of communication that’s offering its immediate users with plenty of opportunities and benefits. It is a form of communication that’s offering entire communities with benefits, as it’s offering them a program to be utilized in their local prisons in which law enforcement officials can utilize what’s being said in court if there happens to be any matters of illegal incidents spoken about in them. Please feel free to speak with one of the website’s help desk representatives to attain any assistance that you may need with utilizing it. It’s a program that has been giving inmates, visitors, and communities benefits in an all-in-one package. Please do not hesitate to see how using the beautifully designed communications platform/system of Securus Technologies can benefit your life. You’ll be absolutely glad to give it a try.


Securus Technologies offers a video conferencing method of communication that is difficult for anybody to refuse when it comes to choices of visitation in which a visitor is required to physically visit an inmate. Although a visitor may always have an option of physically visiting an inmate, they may prefer to communicate with them in a much more convenient method, particularly one of which is offered by the Securus Technologies program. You may find that it’s a program that will truly benefit you and your endeavors of keeping in touch with an inmate who may be needing someone to reach out to them.


Securus Technologies offers its communications lines over safe and secure servers in which the only people aside from those who are considered immediate users will have access to the conversations are local courts and law enforcement officials. Law enforcement officials can monitor the discussions and use any segments from them in court as pieces of evidence to crimes if necessary.


Jason Hope traces Internet of Things back to aviation industry

You may know Jason Hope as one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in United States history. As a founder of Jawa, one of the first premium content streaming services in the United States, Hope had early success, which he parlayed into a long career of starting a company after company and building highly successful businesses.Today, Hope spends much of his time writing and blogging on the internet about topics pertaining to technology. Hope is extremely optimistic about the new technologies that will be encompassed in the category termed the Internet of Things. These will be technologies that will radically transform people’s everyday lives, says Hope. Devices that were once dumb, such as cars, thermostats and even doors and windows, will be wired into central computing resources, enabling a level of efficiency that has never been seen before.

Jason Hope says that many of the technologies that are included in the Internet of Things are already being deployed today in the aviation industry. In fact, Hope says that many of these technologies have their roots in the aviation industry itself. Hope believes that, without the long history of U.S. aviation, most modern technology simply would not exist at all.Hope sites some of the earliest inventions for airplanes to navigate, such as VOR, a system that allowed early aviators to navigate between cities and even across oceans through all kinds of weather, even in visibility that was effectively zero.

VOR stands for Very High Frequency Omindirectional Range and was an early application of sophisticated radio beacon technology that allowed aircraft to stay connected to ground resources while flying in ways that were never before possible.Prior to this invention, pilots use visual navigation techniques to fly long distances between large cities. Ox enabled radically expanded routes to quickly become feasible. Suddenly, aircraft could travel extremely long distances with pinpoint accuracy, in all types of weather, including heavy clouds and even moderate storms.

Investing In Healthcare Made Simple With Jim Tananbaum

Healthcare, for the next 20 years at least, is going to be a prime investment area. The world’s population is aging, and in the United States, a disproportionate amount of people are heading into older years when healthcare needs, at least in some cases, are becoming more acute. Some people are having their first foray into dealing with more pronounced healthcare needs. Jim Tananbaum, founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, realized that this trend was undoubtedly coming to pass, so he started his firm with a focus on emerging leaders in healthcare. In the next two decades this is likely going to be the sector where the most growth, and where the future leaders of the Dow, will come from. This industry is going to be ripe for great achievements on the part of companies that have positioned themselves to be able to provide answers to our growing healthcare needs.

Mr. Tananbaum is no stranger to the healthcare sector. He was previously a founding partner of Prospect Venture Partners II and III, in addition to being involved in other ventures with firms that involved what are now major players in healthcare. Having had all of this experience and success in healthcare, it was likely a fortuitous move. When asked what precipitated his interest in developing a capital firm focused on healthcare, he readily sites his resume filled with progress in this sector. He is now invested in over 75 healthcare companies ranging from biopharmaceuticals, other medical services and the very-promising genome sequencing.

Many healthcare deals have been recognized in recent years and the entire sector continues to gain strength. Jim Tananbaum is positioned to take full-advantage of this area of investing that he is all-too-familiar with. If everything in real estate is location, then every single investment in the market is based on timing. That said, Mr. Tananbaum is likely a source of sorts, mired in the most pragmatic sector, positioned so as to show investors exactly where the smart money is going. Following and investing with someone who is in this sector, and who is so knowledgeable about motions in this area, is a good person to focus on as disproportionate expansion is all but a given.

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The Republican Philanthropist and Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the 11th secretary of education in the US. She has been in the school sector for more than three decades. Her achievements are the advocacy for small children and the voice of parents in the development of the education. Her happiness comes when she sees small children get a quality education all over the USA.

Her mother, a public school teacher, was the one person who encouraged her to pursue education and make sure that all individuals get a quality education. She has worked for and with children who are at risk as a mentor in the Grand Rapids area, Michigan. Betsy graduated from Calvin College in Michigan where she got her BA degree. Check this related article from

Betsy DeVos has continuously shown leadership qualities in everywhere that she goes. She is a reformer in all her endeavors, something that they have in their family. She has worked with her husband, Dick DeVos in these reforming tendencies. Dick was the Republican nominee for Governor Michigan.

Together with her husband, she has ensured that the kids from poor backgrounds in the US can learn in an environment that is safe for them. They helped the Latino parents send children to private schools by funding them. She is generous and has always helped low-income earning parents in educating their children.

She started a foundation that sponsored kids to private schools that the parents chose. This scholarship fund was necessary, but the children were not all going to get it, so it did not solve the real problem of getting all children to private school.

Her efforts in the 1990s of being a board member in two charitable organizations, the Children First America and the American Education Reform Council allowed them to expand educational choices of schools using vouchers and tax credits. She has worked hard for the promotion of education reforms by the expansion of charter schools in Michigan. This was when she formed the Great Lakes Education Project. Visit to know more about their foundation.

The Great Lakes Education Project led to her joining the American Federation for Children that Betsy chairs. The federation was started by the late John Watson and her husband. It changed its name to All Children Matter that she chaired. School choice supporters worked with her in the Alliance for School Choice that was an organization helping parents know about the need for a greater education choice. Legislators were advised on how to implement the education laws so that children could benefit from them.

American Federation for Children came up with the American Federation for Children Action Fund that stills functions by prioritizing the education of students. Betsy and other members are well organized, and they have been excelling in their objectives of putting children’s education first and financing them.

The Modern Healthcare Services that are offered at Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star is a Rio-based healthcare center that is devoted to using state-of-the-art technology in providing its services. The hospital was launched less than one year ago and has managed to attract patients from all parts of the nation. Apart from excellent medical facilities, Copa Star is determined to offer luxurious accommodation services to its patients. The hospital has exceptional architectural and interior designs that make it seem like a five-star hotel. It is the city’s first world-class hospital, and residents have been visiting it seek for advanced medical attention. The mother company of Copa Star Hospital is called Rede D’Or São Luiz.

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Rede D’Or São Luiz is a corporation that has been developing and implementing excellent ideas in medical facilities. It has successfully established and managed over 22 top notch hospitals in Brazil and is devoted to transforming the healthcare state in the country. The organization is chaired by Jorge Moll who has been recognized for his outstanding cardiology expertise. According to him, Rede D’Or São Luiz spent over $500 million in the construction and equipment of Copa Star. Dr. Moll is devoted to making the hospital one of the leading places where patients can access the best neurosurgery and cardiology services.

Copa Star has to date spent over $100 million in acquiring medical equipment and machines. It has established nine-hi tech surgery rooms, 59 modern ICUs, and a diagnostic park. The hospital can currently accommodate up to 150 patients in its luxurious suites. All its recovery rooms are well equipped, and they meet the standards of a five-star hotel. The 550 professionals who work at the company have been trained to be companionate to the patients. The facility has 113 medical professionals who are skills in using modern technology in offering healthcare.

Copa Star covers over 21,000 square meters and has ample space that patients can use in relaxing. It also has a state-of-the-art hospitality system that provides autonomy to the patients. The program is operated through iPads and can be used in communicating with the healthcare professionals. It can also be used in managing activities such as opening and closing of curtains to control the level of light that enters into a room.

The hospital also has highly talented surgeons who can conduct any form of surgery by using its modern technology. Their service provision is supported by Copa Star’s modern operating rooms and hybrid suites that have IMR machines. The facility also utilizes robotic medicine and telemedicine where it is necessary. It has coached all its medical professional on how to use its state-of-the-art medical equipment. The doctors also understand how to offer excellent therapeutic services that can enable the patients to recover faster. Visit the site to know more.

EOS Takes Over Lip Balms for Good

When EOS lip balm first emerged on the lip balm scene, it was a new concept that seemed neat, but everyone wondered if it would last. The lip balm market for personal care products for lips was untapped until that point. Some companies had made a bit of a dent, but nobody had really made any changes in years. Chapstick led the game. EOS changed that completely.

Other companies had made some progress. The question for EOS was how making the change permanent and dominate the category. They did this by marketing the product lines carefully through several ways. The first was to release it to the right people to make the line famous. Making it the new “thing,’ was the thing to accomplish. The question was how to accomplish it.

They did it through celebrities. It’s the oldest ploy in the industry. Release products to celebrities and make it the thing to have. It worked like gang-busters. People loved the product line and the celebrities wanted them as well. The company had created a brand new industry for lip balm products, made it popular, and maintained that popularity in no less than two years.

Then, they branched out. They created new flavors of products and packed them so they would sell just as much, if not more, than the original line of lip balms. It was highly effective. Collectors everywhere couldn’t get enough of the stuff. They bought it to use. They bought it from Target and Costco to save money by getting two or three at a reduced price. They also just bought them to show off as collectors.

The success of EOS ( has become a unique example of how to create a market competitor that maintains as the leader in any industry today. The only question now is: what will they take over next?

Betsy DeVos Educational Opportunities Flourish

For Betsy DeVos, education is all about the way that it can help children achieve the different goals that they have so that they will be able to get more out of the situations that they are in. She wants to help children have a better understanding of the way that things work and how they will be able to make a difference in their own lives if they are able to get more out of the situations that they have. Thanks to Betsy DeVos, many children are able to have more opportunities than they ever dreamed of because they are able to get a better education than what they had before. She wanted to give children more opportunities aside from public school whether their parents were able to afford it or not. For her, the education aspect of life is one of the most important things that will help make a difference in a child’s life.

As Betsy DeVos learned more about the public school system, she wanted to make sure that it was not something that every child had to go through. For example, she saw a lot of problems with the way that students had support. While the teachers were often good at what they did, they could not provide support to everyone because they had too many children in their classes. It was something that made it difficult for the students and the teachers. It was also something that was hard to make sure that children were being educated with.


The solution to this problem was to make sure that children were able to get what they could from private schools. For example, the private schools were able to help children because the classes were smaller, the children were educated better and the teachers were screened better for problems that they may have while taking care of the class. Betsy DeVos made sure that children who could not afford private school were still able to go to private school through the use of the vouchers that were paid for by the government to be used for school.


The idea behind vouchers was great but it was not possible in some areas. In these areas, charter schools were created to be used for children who needed a different type of education. At a charter school, students are treated to the same type of education that they would be with the private schools. Instead of paying thousands of dollars per year for the school like they would at a private school, they were able to send their children to the charter schools for free so that they could get the best education possible without having to pay for it. Check this article from New York Post.

Using Online Sources to Get Legal Help from Jeremy Goldstein

Personal injury cases are some of the most common legal issues handled b lawyers every day. Torts happen when the reckless actions of one party lead to injuries on another person. If you feel that another person may have acted in a manner that hurt you, and that they were acting out of carelessness, it is possible to have a competent lawyer such as Jeremy Goldstein look into the case and help you get the compensation that you deserve.


When you approach Jeremy Goldstein, they will look into the preliminary evidence tied to your case. This is to help determine whether the case is worth getting into by making a compensation claim. After making the decision of going ahead with the case, the next thing he will do is approach the other party and inform them of the intent to sue. Getting a sitting with the other party should be as simple as possible, especially because the lawyer is seasoned. He will ensure that the legal process has started and that it can be concluded within a short period of time as this will stop the case from dragging on and on without end.


In cases where an amicable out of court settlement cannot be reached, Jeremy Goldstein will take you to the courtroom. He will have gathered all the evidence that can be used to convince both judge and jury that you have a legitimate concern and make sure that you have succeeded in getting the settlement which is favorable to you. These and many others are the reasons to hire Jeremy Goldstein. The only thing you have to do is access the site where the New York Association of lawyers has listed him and others, fill in a questionnaire and get the needed assistance in connecting with him. He will handle your case in the best possible manner.


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