Meet Swiss Startup Factory CEO, Mike Baur

In this world, there are those who watch others with envious eyes, thrive and succeed in their careers and those who have worked their way through the ranks to reach the top. There is also a third type of individual, one who is successful but also shares this knowledge with those who have a passion for entrepreneurship. That is the rarest kind of person, someone who is dedicated to their career but also generous with their time. These kind of qualities in their people, are what makes Switzerland one of the most enviable places to live on earth. It is the exact description of one of Switzerland’s most fascinating people, Mike Baur.

Well Educated and Financially Savvy

Most people recognize the country of Switzerland for its numerous banks and reputation for handling money better than anywhere else in the world. Billions of dollars are invested in banks throughout the country. In the city of Zurich, Mike Baur runs his company, the Swiss Startup Factory where he runs a three month accelerated program for potential business entrepreneurs. He uses his own 20 years of experience in the banking industry, to mentor and coach others into reaching their career aspirations. He gives his proteges all the tools they need right in the heart of this bustling city. With an office space to work in and a huge network of associates in the business world, Baur gives his clients every chance at becoming as successful as he is.

His Company and Life

The Swiss Startup Factory is fairly new, only started back in 2014 with Baur and two other partners. He was just shy of 40 when he had the idea for the business.They had a vision to run a program that would be unlike any other in the world, giving a potentially successful person what they need to run their own company. Baur enjoyed his time in the private banking sector but wanted to make more of a difference in the world. With two Master’s degrees and his experience, he was the perfect person to do it. On top of being the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory, he still manages to find time to do numerous fundraising activities. He also volunteers his time by spending time with youth who can use the guidance of such a successful businessman. It’s people like this in the world who everyone can use as an example of effective time management and generosity


Securus is Connecting Inmates to their Families for Everyday Events

Family is important. This is especially true for people who are in jail. Everybody knows that prison is a tough place but few people often remember the family members who suffer because they have a mom or dad in jail. Securus has not forgotten these people.

Inmates are people. Regardless of the reasons as to why they are in jail; if they have family, they want to keep in touch with them. An incarcerated mom should be able to see her daughter while she is growing up. An incarcerated dad should still be able to give guidance to his son. This only makes sense.

Securus Video Visitation App is the perfect tool for connecting families and inmates. I have seen this technology in place and it is wonderful. All a prisoner has to do is to log onto a terminal that allows them to see their loved one while they speak. A family member just has to download the app onto their smartphone or tablet and then schedule visitation times with the facility.

Once a visitation time is approved both parties can talk to each other. This technology provides a great way for people in jail to stay connected and to stay a part of their family’s life. They no longer will have to miss birthdays or special occasions and they can even hang out with their loved ones on the weekend.

The Video Visitation App by Securus is a wonderful piece of technology that families can depend on. I honestly believe that this is one of the best things that prisoners have going for them while they are in jail.

They should take advantage of this technology to stay connected to their families while serving time. Hopefully, it will help them to realize that they should never go back jail. More information about Securus is available on their website.